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2, the solution created for you which answers to all your expectations.

Why 2i® ?

2 engineered for you.
For 20 years, we support you and take into account your comments and reactions concerning data processing. 
2 meets all of your expectations.

Route and certify data flows

All types of flows

« Processing all types of flows is a good thing, as long as I don't want to get lost. »

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Diversity of data

« The diversity of data is a condition to the success of marketing campaigns. Guaranteeing it is a key challenge. »

Data processing

« Data processing is the keystone of an exploitable base, because it is also certified. It guarantees sustainability. »

ensure data quality


« My data comes from different sources, so there are many duplicates in my data base. I would like to see my client only once… »

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« I have many undelivered mails and hard bounces. My priority topics are to optimize my campaigns and sustain my base. »


« I only do two processing on relocation addresses per year. I would like a continuous data quality treatments of my data. »

Modify the data


« Having reliable statistics and market segmentations is a perpetual quest. »


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« Being able to identify several actions coming from a unique client and consolidate it, this is how I will stand out from my rivals. »


« Our clients' lifecycle concerns our whole company. It provides the means to each department to deliver a customer service up to the most beautiful marketing theories. »

Orchestrate and target campaigns


« Thanks to a precise and certified information on the products my clients appreciate, as much as profiles which are interested in my offers, allow me to act in the present, instead of a predictive world. »

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« Deep learning allows me to associate my clients' moments in life with their needs, in a proper and intelligent way. »



« Marketing pressure, badly or not handled, damages our trade. It becomes crucial to imagine alternatives to mass emailing. »